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Taste Asian restaurant with a selection of more than 100 classic Asian dishes, which is a really paradise for Asian food lovers in the heart of Budapest.

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We only select the highest quality and freshest ingredients for our fried rice.

A new favorite in the fried rice world. We using top quality wagyu beef, foie gras, salmon and caviar. High-end ingredients only need the simplest cooking methods to meet the exclusive. 

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Taste Asian special foods in Europe

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

4690 Ft

Classic Thai Style

Thai Tom Yum Soup

4390 Ft

Sweet and Spicy Flavor

Chinese Fried Quinoa

4390 Ft

Healthy Taste

Special Salmon Fried Rice

5890 Ft

Salmon Lovers

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Every Day, 16:00–00:00

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Thanks to every customer, with your encouragement and praise, we will do better. We will provide you with more delicious food, it’s nice to have you!