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We only selection of the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Taste Asian restaurant with a selection of more than 100 classic Asian dishes, which is a really paradise for Asian food lovers in the heart of Budapest. We using top quality wagyu beef, foie gras, salmon and caviar. High-end ingredients only need the simplest cooking methods.

Japanese Black Truffle Fried Rice

A new favorite in the fried rice world.

High-end ingredients only need the simplest cooking methods to meet the exclusive luxury tastes.

Healthy Recipe Recommendations

Lose fat, beautify, keep healthy.

While eating quinoa, beside of the low calory you can also keep beauty long life Quinoa is the only plant found on earth that can meet the basic nutritional needs of the human body. Humans can live on Mars in the future as long as they bring quinoa. In Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, one can live longer with eat more grains.