Our Story

2021 The Beginning

We wanted to create a restaurant that would bring the unique flavours of Asia to Hungary.

2021.09 – We opened our restaurant

When we opened our restaurant, our goal was not less than bring the best authentic Asian kitchen in to Hungary. A lot of planning and thinking preceded the opening. We have settled for only the best ingredients, so some ingredients are shipped directly from China to our restaurant.

2022 – We’ve listened to you

After the first year, we sat down, and read all of the reviews of our guests. We refreshed our menu, to provide better experince of Asian kitchen. Also improved our supply chain, to get the freshest ingridents. That makes our food so delicious.  We had to accept that the world is changing, so we started to work with food couriers. 

2023 – Improved Quality

We believe that the most important thing is the experience of our guests. We improved the interior, and a few things, to make our restaurant more authentic. It helps to get out the normal weekdays, and feel like our guests are in Asia. We getting relay good reviews, what means we doing our job well.